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Miramichi Atlantic Salmon Matter to Me

If Miramichi Atlantic salmon matter to you, let your MLA and MP know that the CAST SAS plan to save salmon on the Miramichi should proceed.

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Barb Waye, Wayerton, NB
Manager Miramichi Fish and Game Club

“It’s a job that is in your heart and soul, it’s not a paycheck, it’s a lifestyle. I wouldn’t want to think about the Miramichi if fishing was gone. We’d have nothing. At what point are they going to do something? It’s so sad. DFO needs to start listening to the people who have lived here their whole lives.”

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Jeff & Jimmy Porter, Doaktown, NB
Present and past mayors of Doaktown, Owners of Porters Bottle Exchange

“The town is hurting. The camps aren’t hiring and it’s affecting all the businesses in our village. No one wants to spend money anymore, there is just too much uncertainty. Fishing is not going to come back on its own. It needs something to give it a boost.”

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Cliff Durling, Doaktown, NB
Owner – Home Hardware in Doaktown and Blackville

“All the people working in the camps come into the store and what they earned, they spend. I just don’t understand why DFO won’t do anything for our fishing industry. Elsewhere, stocking adults has worked tremendously.”

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Jean Curtis, Kelly Amos , Thelma MacWilliams, Doaktown & Blackville, NB
Cooks at Miramichi Salmon Club

“There are other camps that are shut down. The fishermen aren’t coming, they are going where the fish are. The other lodges have to lay their people off, their staff will be lucky to get 13 or 14 weeks this year. We haven’t had to lay anyone off yet.”
- Evelock Gilks, Miramichi Salmon Club Manager

“DFO needs to allow CAST to take action.” – Kelly Amos

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Andrew Anthony, New Bandon, NB
Professional Guide

“It’s not just the fishing. It’s the restaurants, the hardware stores, it’s the life of the River. Business in the camps is down 40-60%, it’s pretty scary. I want to see a stocking program with CAST and SAS. This program is our only hope.”

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